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Shop Early–Homecoming dresses and Prom dresses takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks to arrive after an order is placed so start looking and browsing online for dresses early, months before your special day, narrow down to your favorites . This will ensure that  you will have your dream dress before your special occassion. Dresses sell out fast, so don’t miss out on the dress of your dreams! Be realistic about your cost.

Comfort Matters – The more comfortable you can make yourself, the more you will enjoy your special day/night . Choose a dress that you feel confident in, that stays in place, and that you canmove easily in… and dance the night away!! Don't forget the undergarments just in the unexpected happens .. you know what I mean .Specially when you are wearing a short dress.

Accessorize – Your dress is not complete without the accessories, after you get your dream dress in advance don't forget to  shop for shoes, jewelry and accessories.Take your dress with you when shopping for your accessories to see the whole outfit. Don't forget the other essentials .. ( body glue ,etc..)

Measuring  –  measuring is the best way to get a good fit. If you can,  have someone help you. The measuring tape should be held snug, tight and level around your bust, natural waist, and hips while you stand tall looking straight ahead.

Plan on Alterations – Even the most careful measurements may not mean you get a perfect fit, so plan for alterations once you receive your dress. Everybody is different and 95% of people need something tucked, shortened, or adjusted. Don’t forget to take your shoes and undergarments to your fitting appointments!

The month before the special day -- Book your appointments for your hair, your make-up, your restaurant reservations, limousine reservation.

The week before the special day-- order the boutonniere , if you are doing beauty regimens- do it now , you don't want to go to your special day with orange or tan streaks or red brows. Practice on the kind of hair do that you want.

The day before your special day --  charge your cell phone, get your dress ready , your shoes, your accessories, your bag ( don't forget to put what you need in your bag- make up to touch up , powder, lipstick ,small mirror ,etc..) , make necessary phone calls, verify your reservations at the restaurant , the limo , the hair and make-up appointment ,make sure you have  the ticket for the event, the flower shop for pick-up of the boutonniere.Get plenty of rest!

On your special day -- Get gorgeous, if you have appointments  ,arrive early , make sure you wear a button down shirt or robe so you don't pull your shirt over your glamed up hair.


Don't forget the boutonniere !

..and have fun! fun! fun!!!!!!!!!

After Prom Style/Event  – After dancing the night away,figure out how you want to end the night.Plan a glamorous after party event or gathering with friends.Change into a cute beaded top with your favorite jeans or Prom” pajama pants and tank tops… wearing colors that matches your dress can be fun! ie: Pizza party with your friends around a warm fireplace ;)) , a breakfast party or a beach/pool party .





---Dont worry if you didn't get ask to the prom . Ask a friend, it wil be just as much fun !

---Stick with the budget, be simple.

---Talk to your date about plans and expectations

---Sex is not a requirement!!.

---Do not forget to thank your date for attending the prom with you at the end of the night. This lets him know you appreciated his company and you had a good time.


---Treat your date like a queen , pay a lot of attention and compliments.

---Be honest to your date about plans and expectations.

---Ask what color she will be wearing and get a corsage with matching color.


---Be honest to your parents.

---Give them several phone numbers in case you can't be reach .

---Answer all text and call from your parents-unless you are driving-- it is for your safety.

---Drugs and alcohol are not requirements for a fun evening!!--being at a party where there is   drugs and  alcohol can still get you arrested !

---Be responsible!

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